Zimbabwe is endowed with abundant mineral, agricultural, tourist, natural resources and highly skilled workforce. Foreign investment is most welcome, especially where it will generate export earnings, creates employment, lead to the transfer of technology and skills and improve access to foreign markets.

The Zimbabwean economy is essentially agricultural–based, but has strong mining and manufacturing sectors. In fact the economy has a highly diverse industrial base that provides investors with a plethora of opportunities.

Zimbabwe Investment Authority (ZIA) has set up a One-Stop-Shop Investment Centre (OSS) as a means to facilitate investment, streamline and simplify business set-up processes such as company registration, granting of immigration permits, taxation and customs clearance issues, access to factory space and access to utilities such as water, electricity etc.

All potential investors can now access the OSS and get further advice on investing in Zimbabwe from: 


The Chief Executive Officer
Zimbabwe Investment Authority
109 Rotten Row
P.O. Box 5950
Tel: +263 4 757931-6, 759911-5, 780140-5
Fax: +263 4 773843
Email: info@zia.co.zw
Website: http://www.zia.co.zw